Louis Fourie

My name is Louis Fourie and Sine Sound is my mastering and mixing business and my passion. My formal education includes:


  • ANU, 2014: Bachelor of Professional Music Practice (Creative Recording Techniques Major)
  • ANU, 2021: Bachelor of Science (Psychology)


I’ve been involved with music for close to fifteen years. I started with the guitar, which led me to study jazz under the tutelage of some of Australia’s top musicians at the Australian National University School of Music.


My time studying at ANU endowed me not only with musical and creative proficiency but with a technical understanding too; I graduated with a Bachelor of Professional Music Practice, majoring in Creative Recording Techniques. During this time, I became interested (obsessed, even) with electronic music production and dove head-first into the world of in-the-box music creation. Although I was taking part in jazz performance, classical aural training and classical theory, I was also exposed to the art of electronic production, mixing and mastering at the studios of the ANU School of Music.

Performance experience

In my spare time, I was producing my own music incessantly, with nothing but a desire to improve my skills, technically and creatively. Eventually, I started to release my own music (mostly the genre of drum and bass) on labels around the world.


I’ve played and headlined at shows in six different countries, released music on some of the most prestigious labels in the industry (Dispatch Recordings, Noisia’s Invisible and Neodigital to name a few) and started my own label, Locked Concept, which releases and distributes music by drum and bass artists from across the globe.

You can find out more about my own music here (Lockjaw) and my label here (Locked Concept). If drum and bass is your thing you can listen to my regular podcasts here .

Professional expertise

I’ve always been obsessed with details, which is why I’m attracted to drum and bass, one of the most technically demanding genres of electronic music. I produce music with a compulsive attention to precision, which led me to the world of mastering. Since 2013, I have been mastering music for individuals, bands and labels.


I’m passionate and engrossed by mastering and mixing. I apply the same level of world-class attention to detail and precision to my clients’ projects as I do to my own. I genuinely care about achieving the best results for my clients and myself.


Although my formal education informs all that I do as a mastering and mixing engineer, I believe I set myself apart from other engineers with my practical, industry experience as a musician, performer, label owner and business owner. I have years of first-hand experience, which I bring to each mastering and mixing project. I strive to produce the highest quality results possible, bringing extra flair and knowledge others cannot or will not.