What is mastering?

Mastering is the final creative step in the process of releasing and distributing your music. The process of mastering gives your music the enhancement and polish it needs before it is released for distribution and listening.


In the chain of order involved in the creation of a project, mastering sits here:


1. Recording and/or production
2. Mixing
3. Mastering
4. Manufacture, distribution and release

Why do I need mastering?

Have you ever compared your own production or your band’s recording with a track from a producer or band you like? Have you ever thought your music sounded amazing in the car or in the studio but it then fell flat elsewhere? Most likely in both these situations you found your music lacking both tonally and dynamically. This is where mastering comes in.

What happens during mastering?

The mastering process includes bringing out the best of the mix, solving any issues that may be present and raising the music to a professional standard.


I am an experienced and skilled mastering engineer with an objective, highly-trained ear. One of my most critical jobs is to listen to a mix objectively. I use audio equipment tailored for your job, in an environment designed specifically for mastering music.


I use equalization, compression, stereo processing, level-balancing and a range of other specially developed techniques to master each song for every project.


I give consideration to your genre and your stylistic nuances to allow the mix to shine. I know that a heavy-hitting dance track needs a different dynamic profile to an acoustic rendering. My mastering process gives flow, balance and continuity to larger projects. I ensure your original creative vision is enhanced – and brought fully to life for your listeners.

What happens then?

Once you have approved the mastered files, I deliver final files based on your project’s target format. Generally these digital files are ready for online distribution and release.


If required, Sine Sound can deliver DPP files for CD manufacture and digital files for vinyl production.